How to set up your Antrouter R1-LTC

What is an Antrouter R1-LTC and should I get one?

An Antrouter R1-LTC is a product by Bitmain, the company that makes Antminers. Although it mines Litecoin, it’s hashrate is extremely low, and is more of a thing that’s cool to have that might make you a tiny bit of money. As of writing this (3-17-18), you will make about 31 cents USD per month ($0.31). Its other main feature is the router part of Antrouter. When hooked up to an Ethernet cable, it outputs WiFi.

What do I need to set up my Antrouter?

You need-

  • An Antrouter R1-LTC. You can order one on when a  batch is available.
  • An ethernet connection. There are likely connections in your house throughout the walls. This is what it looks like. You have to have the blue cable. (It doesn’t have to be blue)
    Image result for ethernet
  • A 110 Volt wall outlet. You most likely have these all around your houseImage result for 110 wall outlet

How to set up your Antrouter

First, you take the Antrouter out of its box. It should come in a small, about 4-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ x 1-1/2″ white box with silver letters on the side that say Antrouter. On one of the sides, there is a sticker that should look something like this (I blacked out the serial number)

IMG_6881 (1)

Once you open the box and take out the Antrouter, you should notice a sticker on the back of it that looks something like this. I have seen some without the bottom sticker, but if yours doesn’t have one, it’s no big deal.

IMG_6883 (1)

In case you are wondering, the Antrouter in the picture above did not come out of the box in the above picture. That is why they say different things.

Once you have your Antrouter, (Which, in case you were wondering, is about 3-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ x 1-1/2″) plug it into the wall and plug the Ethernet plug in. Wait until the light next to the word WIFI turns green. This is my Antrouter plugged in.


Use a device that can connect to WiFi (Laptop, phone, tablet) and connect to the network called AntRouter-Something. Once connected, open a browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, anything should work) and type in the IP shown on the back of your Antrouter. I believe that it will always be Somebody please correct me if that is not the case. Once there, it will ask you to log in. The username and password are both “root” but without the quotation marks. Once in, you can move to the “Network” tab and click edit to change the name of the WiFi network. You don’t have to do that.

To connect your Antrouter to your pool, click on the Miner tab and then R1-LTC Configuration. From there, input what your pool requires. I will show you how to do it with Give-Me-Coins, the Litecoin pool I use.

This paragraph is only for if you want to set it up for For other pools, the thing you put in the boxes will be different. In the first box that says Pool 1 put and in the second box that is labeled Pool1 worker, put (Username).(Workername). So, if my username is Bitcoinboy and I wanted my worker to be called AntRouter, then I would put Bitcoinboy.AntRouter. For the Password box, leave it alone at 123.

Not working?

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