Antminer S9: A few months later thoughts​ and problems I have faced.

So, a few months ago, I got an Antminer S9. I made a blog post about setting it up here, and I’d recommend you read it if you want to know how to set it up. Since then, I have gotten another Antminer S9 and an Antminer L3. I have come across a few problems since then.

What are the problems that I have come across?

The biggest one has been ventilation. When I first got my first S9, it was just open air in my garage, and it quickly heated up the garage to high temperatures. I took a few pictures, but please excuse the low image quality, I wasn’t expecting to use them for anything important.


Soon after that, my Dad and I build a wooden box that could fit two miners that had a fan pulling air out of the back of the Antminer and pushing it outside. Still, It also heated up the garage. For a while, we did nothing, until just recently we built a new box. This box could hold four miners because it had two levels. This one has a fan blowing air into it, which is a more conventional fan, and a fan pushing air outside, which is a different type of fan, called a squirrel fan. I have better pictures of this one, as I am still using it.


The first image shows the front of the box where the fan is blowing air into. It is a relatively small fan that we picked up at the Home Depot. It is mounted on the front cover of the box, which can swing up to reveal the miners. Speaking of the miners, the second picture shows the inside of the box, with three miners in it. The bottom and one of the top miners are an Antminer S9, and the other top miner is a D3. The third picture shows the back of the box, which is where the air is being sucked out from. You can see part of the squirrel fan that is sucking it outside through a hole in the wall.

I have had one more large problem. For a while, whenever I would log onto one of my S9s, one of them would be abnormally hot. This got worse and then it would stop running because it was so hot. I couldn’t figure out why for a bit until I realized that the back fan was running abnormally slow. My dad quickly ordered a replacement from Bitmain, and when it arrived, I installed it and it ran great. After that, we had no problems with the fan.

Other than these, I don’t think I have had any other real problems. If you are having any problems and can’t find a solution, please, comment on this post or join my discord by clicking on this text so that I can help you.



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